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E-Learning First Responder Training

As a First Responder you are from an organisation authorised to refer potential victims of modern slavery into the National Referral Mechanism (NRM).

Your role is to identify and where appropriate refer potential victims of modern slavery into the support available through the NRM. Doing so will often be challenging and you may have to deal with complex situations. This programme provides guidance on how to spot the signs of modern slavery, and what to do when you come across a potential victim of modern slavery. This programme aims to give you confidence to follow procedures swiftly and with compassion.

This Home Office training package provides invaluable information for all First Responders. If you have any comments of questions regarding the content of this training please direct them to - Senior Policy Advisor – Modern Slavery Unit, Public Safety Group, 2 Marsham Street London SW1P 4DF.

Please do not email the MSOICU.

The content is currently under review by the Home Office, as the Nationality and Borders Act 2022 changed elements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 which in turn resulted in changes to the Modern Slavery: Statutory Guidance for England and Wales. The most significant regarding NRM referrals being:

  • A new threshold for the reasonable grounds decision (Statutory Guidance Annex E section 14.50)
  • and critically for First Responders, a requirement for “specific evidence” to be included, where available, in an NRM referral. (Statutory Guidance Annex E section 14.61).

First Responder Training Programme

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Make a NRM referral to the Single Competent Authority

Last Updated on July 4, 2024

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