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What is Organised Immigration Crime (OIC)?

Organised Immigration Crime (OIC) is the smuggling of human beings that takes place only across international borders, in contrast to Human Trafficking (HT) that can take place both domestically and internationally.

Organised Immigration Crime (OIC) is a collective term for the activities of individuals and/or criminal networks involved in –

  • Facilitating illegal entry or arrival into or exit from the UK in contravention of immigration laws and
  • Enabling of persons to remain in the UK by illegitimate means.

OIC can be broken down into three key threat areas -

1. Facilitation by land, sea and air (predominantly utilising clandestine methods).

2. Production and supply of fraudulent or fraudulently obtained documents.

3. The abuse of legitimate means to enter/arrive or remain in the UK including illegal working and marriage abuse. Recently changed to ‘Criminal abuse of the immigration system’.

Last Updated on February 15, 2024

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